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Class Styles

At Just Be Yoga we offer a wide variety of class styles, levels, and skilled teachers to meet you and your unique yoga practice. See our class schedule to explore when and where to find the class of your choice. For those new to Just Be Yoga, begin your journey here.

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Just Be Yoga's signature flow. Everyone is welcome - from the enthusiastic beginner looking for a good sweat to the experienced student wanting a lighter practice. The teacher will offer variations that enable you to practice at your own level while keeping up with the flow.


A practice for all that moves at a slower more meditative pace. Designed to create alignment and balance in the body and paired with practices to ease the mind. The supportive use of blocks, props and blankets may be called for to create the ultimate sacred space.


Yin classes consist of postures done on the floor or against the wall with supportive blocks, blankets, and bolsters. Offering options to practice without props or how to makeshift some so you have what you need. Poses are held for a longer period of time allowing you to stretch connective tissue. Put on your favorite ambient sounds and float through this restorative style practice.


ThetaHealing® Meditation

Did you know the sub-conscious runs 90% of our life?

Through a specific guided meditation technique we can put the brain into a Theta state and reprogram the sub-conscious. Learn the ThetaHealing® meditation technique to transform your limited beliefs, traumas, blocks, ancestral patterns, and strengthen your intuition and inner wisdom.


Breathwork has come to light as an effective and impactful healing modality.

This active mediation allows you access to your body in a whole new way. The rhythm of the breath brings you out of your head and into your Self. It creates space to discover stagnant or stuck energy that your body is holding deep within the layers of your Being. The breathing technique allows your system to settle, your brain to quiet, so you gain access to your body intelligence. The process supports the clearing of physical pain as well as moving through the emotional layers held within your body. This gentle and effective self-healing technique clear blocks and stagnant energy so that you may tap into your intuition + inner guidance in a whole new way.

Allow the breath to resolve inner conflicts so you may live from a joyful heart.

A curated playlist accompanies each session allowing the vibration of the music to support shifting your energy. Throughout the session, essential oils, alchemical sprays, angel cards or sage may be used.


Join us for an in-person socially distanced outdoor Vinyasa class at the beautiful Luminary Farm.

Please arrive 15-20 minutes before class begins to park, walk up to the back patio or the pool, enjoy the view, and to get set up. Please bring you own yoga mat, props, and water. Some classes will use Silent Disco Headphones.

A Covid-19 waiver must be signed each time you attend to ensure the health and safety of all participants. Masks can be removed during class, but must be worn to and from your socially distanced mat space.

As class size is limited we ask that you only register if you plan to attend. Should you need to cancel please do so ahead of time to allow the waitlisted students time to join.

Classes are subject to change and/or cancel due to inclement weather.


Sacred Sunday is a unique and special experience to come together in sacred space. Same time (1pm PST) and same place (Livestream via Zoom) every week you will be introduced to many teachers sharing various offerings.