Linda O'Connor

Linda O'Connor Linda’s teaching philosophy comes down to one thing: she wants you to feel good! Always drawn to sports and being physically active, Linda was a competitive gymnast and nationally ranked collegiate cheerleader in her younger years. She has been a lifelong student in the area of whole person wellness, holding multiple certifications in the areas of life coaching, integrative health coaching, as a strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), an ACSM fitness professional and of course yoga. She completed her RYT-200 teacher training in 2010 but decades earlieryoga found its way into her soul and it made a home there. Her classes are a medley of all of these disciplines. What she loves most about teaching is cultivating a sacred and safe space for people to connect with their higher selves, better understand their purpose on this earth, and mindfully step into their power with clarity and grace. Why Yoga? Plain and simple, yoga changed me for the better. It is a physical practice and I love to be on my hands and upside down. I broke my back when I was 13 and never thought I would be able to do a full wheel again and now zillions of years later, I not only can do wheel but I am able to do many different back bending poses. The benefits of any physical practice are also amplified when other holistic methods merge; restful sleep, proper nutrition, mental health, the development of healthy relationships, and so on. In regards to the other aspects of yoga, the floor beneath me has offered support when no other support could be found. My feet connecting to the earth, my breath found in my body, the calming of my thoughts and the linking of my heart to my emotions, grounds me and allows me to feel whole and complete like nothing else. This thing called yoga is a gift of life. What or Who Inspires you? Straight up my children. They are the best teachers, gurus, coaches anyone could ask for. When they break free from their fear, they inspire me to do the same. They have taught me the power of forgiveness, the gift of gratitude and the power of presence. They are my everything. Three adjectives that describe you and your teaching style: Inspiring. Loving. Challenging Limits. Where are you the most fearlessly authentic in your life? Being in business for myself and inspiring whole person healing, self-kindness and cultivating a “what’s possible” mindset. What is something most people don’t know about you? Ever since I was little my sister calls me MUNCH. I was a mighty and tiny little person. Interested in a private sessions with Linda? Yoga fitness personally and uniquely designed. $125