Millie Fish

Millie began her yoga journey taking vinyasa classes in San Francisco. She had a lot of bound up energy, which slowly began to unwind with Millie's willingness to keep showing up on the mat to just be with. She experienced real transformation upon her discovery of Kundalini Yoga. The chanting, asana and breath-work initiated powerful openings. She is currently immersed in the multi-dimensional transmissions channeled through Luminous Awareness Institute. She brings these transmissions into the energetics of her classes, weaving them with her intuitive flow of breath, movement and mantra. It is her honor to hold heartfelt space sharing the gifts she receives with others. Why Yoga? Yoga and meditation have broken open places in my heart and soul that I no longer knew existed, for they had been so walled off from my lived experience. Through this union I have been calling back pieces of myself that I didn't even know were lost. Who or what inspires you? My dear friend Kim! She models what it means to consistently seek clarity, alignment and living within the divine flow of the universe. Three adjectives that describe your teaching style: Grounded. Deep. Expansive. Where are you the most fearlessly authentic? With my friends. I show all the nitty, gritty, ugly, beautiful, silly, sad, squelchy, loving, joyful, everything. What is something most people don't know about you? I competed in horse-riding for several years when I was a teenager. Interested in a private session with Millie? Intuitive yoga and meditation privates. Hourly rate: $111. Contact: Excited to journey and co-create with you.