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Corporate Wellness

Just Be Yoga's Corporate Wellness Program is uniquely created for companies ready to bring mindfulness into the workplace. More and more studies show that yoga in the workplace leads to higher creativity, increased job satisfaction, greater teamwork and lower levels of stress. Breath, meditation and yoga help to minimize reactivity and instead, increase responsiveness. And those that breathe together - work together!

During this time, we are continuing to offer virtual support. Please, let us know if Just Be Yoga can support you by filling out this form.



OFFICE YOGA & MEDITATION | Commit to offering weekly practices for your team. This can be offered in conference rooms, on rooftops, or in any spaces available to you and your employees during lunch, or other times throughout the day.

PRE-MEETING MEDITATION PRACTICE | Receive guided meditations, or learn how to implement meditation before meetings, conferences, projects, brainstorming sessions, etc. to increase attention, awareness, creativity and receptivity of the team.

BREATH WORK FOR A SUSTAINABLE WORKFORCE | Breath work is shown to influence how we function in all aspects of life. Offering various breathe techniques to fit the corporate environment can support your staff by providing tools to create more energy, reset the mind between tasks, calm the nervous system, and bring the body into balance.

MINDFULNESS TRAINING & WORKSHOPS | Creating uniquely designed programs and offerings to fit client's specific needs.

For more information or to book your session, please fill out our Corporate Wellness Form.

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