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Heaven on Earth Workshop with Jenni

August 28, 2022 9am

There is a time and season for everything; a time for destruction and a time for creation. A time for doing and a time for being.

Can you imagine the light radiating brightly on the shadow of darkness? Can you welcome in the sprouting of new, bright with hope, full of possibility and surprises that delight the limited mind?

Through challenge and destruction we make room for breakthroughs and blessings.

In this outdoor class you will be led through a dynamic challenging flow and a blissful Theta meditation to uncover the bliss that exists within and around you.

You will have the opportunity to align with your highest and best and feel as though you are experiencing the bliss of Heaven that is here, on this Earth, at this time.

Join Jenni Wendell for an outdoor experience on Finley Road, under the sunshine and oak tress that she calls home sweet home.

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