Welcome! We are delighted you are here.


How to Prepare

Whether you plan to take class from the comfort of your own space or you’d like to join us in-person for one of our pop-up classes, we warmly welcome you to our community.

You will need a yoga mat for practice and may wish to have other props such as a blanket and blocks handy, although not required.​


During Class

During class Remember to take rest when needed! If feeling overwhelmed or heated, it is ideal to stay in the room and simply get low to the ground. Drop into child's pose to take a breath, re-center, and cool down.​​

In our public classes, we are not offering hands-on-assists at this time. ​If you would like additional support, please inquire about semi-private, or private sessions.


After Class

Trying something new can be exhilarating! ​

We encourage you to reach out with any feedback or questions you may have following your first class. Our Support Team is here for you, find us at the front desk or email info@myjustbeyoga.com.

We are honored to support you in your practice.