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Claudia Edwards


My yoga journey started in 2005 with a twice weekly, semester-long class taken through my local junior college. It was a love/hate relationship to say the least. I loved how my body felt moving through the asanas, I hated how it asked me to look into my own soul. I wasn’t ready for that work just yet. Fast forward 8 years, and a lot of life lessons later and that would all change. Finding the teachers and the classes that resonated in my body and my mind, was the flip of the switch I needed to begin my practice in earnest. Slowly the focus of my practice turned from the physical asana to the spiritual practice, and I knew that I had found my way home. I teach yoga because it brings me joy. Seeing my students grow and change, as they absorb the knowledge of the teachings passed down from centuries of devout teachers and followers from its origins in India; then take their yoga beyond the asana makes my heart sing. I send my deepest gratitude to the roots and lineage of Yoga, as it has changed my life forever; in every practice I honor its path.