Walnut Creek Studio Transition

It is with a variety of emotions that we share with you that after a year of trying to renew our lease for our special Walnut Creek garage studio, we’ve been given notice that our lease ends this April.

The last classes at the current Walnut Creek location will be on Sunday April 28th, 2019.

We are in the process of looking for the next best home in the Walnut Creek or Lafayette area. We wish we could announce where the move would be, and yet that is not in the cards at the moment. For the current foreseeable future, we will operate out of Just Be Yoga's Danville studio. We are excited to expand the Danville schedule beginning May 1, 2019.

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What does this mean?

  • All memberships and class packages remain 100% honored at our Danville location.
  • Class packages do not expire.
  • Option to convert to a mini-membership (5 classes per month for $80 auto-renewal)
    • This will keep you as a member to receive the perks (discounted workshop offerings and special member only events at Luminary Farm)
    • Should you decide to go back to the unlimited classes per month, this will give you the option to reinstate at your grandfathered in membership rate.

Danville Location

  • The Danville schedule is being expanded
  • Great parking
  • 5-10 minute drive from our Walnut Creek location depending on time of day.
  • Right off the freeway at Sycamore Valley Road, located in the Livery.
  • Our neighbors are welcoming and make for great yoga date.
  • Expanding out workshop offering in Danville and at Luminary Farm.
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We have put a suggestion box at both our locations at the front desk.

This is for community to share your suggestions, comments and feedback. Jenni and the team will be reading these and responding.

If you have ideas for the future opportunities for a new Walnut Creek or Lafayette home, we would love to hear them! Please message info@myjustbeyoga.com with the information.


The vision of Just Be Yoga began with the intention to create a warm welcoming space with masterful teachers that inspire and touch the hearts of many, including my own. What began as a garage has birthed a sacred space that many gravitate to for support, healing, connection, love, and empowerment.

These four walls and glass garage doors have birthed something special. This space has held us and yet it is just a building with 4 walls and glass garage doors. It’s us, it’s you, it’s the intention, the purposeful experiences and connections and love, it’s the yoga and connection that have blessed this space. We can create this anywhere. We are doing it in Danville and Luminary Farm.

And yes, hopefully when the ideal space comes available we will create a new Walnut Creek/ Lafayette home. Know that I am actively looking and open to the space that is in our highest and best.

Thank you for your love, dedication, and support. Thank you for the energy and intention that you bring to Just Be Yoga and Luminary Farm. Thank you for trusting and supporting through the ups, downs, and in between.

Blessings and endless gratitude,

Jenni, Brian, and Franky Wendell